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Lola and The Saints - Doo Wop Oldies Revue


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Originally formed in the Throggs Neck section of The Bronx, New York in August of 1964, by Lola & Tom Foy, "The Saints" have enjoyed a long and magnificent career in show business.  After having performed and recorded under many different guises, they have always managed to find their way back to their Doo Wop roots as well as their original name "The Saints". Along the way, there have been occasional changes in personnel and many bumps in the road but, amazingly, Lola & Tom are rapidly approaching their forty fifth year with the group.  Jim McGreevey has been with The Saints for just a few years but already has all the makings of a seasoned veteran. Tony Torre and Jerry Long (the new kids on the block) are the most recent members of Lola & The Saints and we are extremely happy to have them aboard.

LOLA FOY: ... The one and only female and the lady responsible for all those earth shaking leads and sweet, angelic high notes in the harmony.

Born in Harlem, New York...moved to the Bronx at age seven...Lola started singing professionally, in 1964...She sang lead and/or background with "The Saints", "The Twilites", "The Reasons", "The Moods", "Papa's English Muffin", "The Mood" (different than "The Moods"), Nine Pound Hammer", "Rosebud", "Reunion" (they had a hit record with "Life Is A Rock,But The Radio Rolled Me" in 1974), "Wolfbane"(heavy metal-believe it or not), "Scarlett" (she was the red head), "Stanton Anderson Band", "Back To The Future" 1989-1990, "Perfect Combination" 1991-1992 (Acapella). She appeared with "The Impalas" from 1992-2005 and recorded with them on their 1998 album, "IMPALAMANIA", while also recording steadily with "The Saints" and "The Stanton Anderson Band".

After relocating to Florida in Oct.,2005, and after a short stint with "The Crests", she has reunited with "The Saints" in the Tampa area and is enjoying every Doo Wop minute.

TOM FOY: ... Mr. Wizard...chimes in on tenor and brings his powerful voice to it's fullest potential on his many leads with "Lola & The Saints".

Tom was born in Harlem, New York, moved to the Bronx and has been singing and performing since he was thirteen. His first Doo Wop group was "The Rialtos" in 1958. He joined the Air Force in 1960 and continued to perform extensively with "The Darvons" throughout his tour of duty. He returned to New York in 1964 and formed "The Saints" while simultaneously launching a career as a recording & sound engineer. Tom has performed with so many other vocal groups including: "TheTwilites", "The Reasons", "The Moods", "Papa's English Muffin", "The Mood", "Rosebud", "Reunion", "Wolfbane", "Stanton Anderson Band", "The Capris", "Perfect Combination", "The Exquisites", " The Emotions" "The Casinos", "The Notetations", "The Impalas", and most recently "The Crests".

After relocating to Florida in Oct.,2005, he, too, has reunited with "The Saints" in the Tampa area and is looking forward to a long and happy continuation of his career

JIM McGREEVEY: ... Mr. Doo Wop...handles the baritone vocals with maximum finesse and does some pretty fantastic lead work, as well!                                  

A Brooklyn boy, Jim has been charming the Doo Wop crowd, since his high school days, when he sang with "Eddie & The Emeralds" at St. Francis Prep. Later, Jim performed with "Primetime" on Long Island, New York, while continuing to pursue his Wall Street career. He retired to Florida in 2002 and soon after joined forces with "The Boomerz" with whom he released a CD, and later joined "The Dukes Of Harmony". He, then, hooked up with "Gene Hughes' Casinos. Jim has enjoyed a long and prosperous run throughout the south. In July, 2006, Jim received a call from "The Saints", who had, inadvertently, surfed on to his website. An e-mail friendship and an exchange of music quickly began. Ultimately, Jim met with "The Saints" for some Doo Wop jam sessions and an instant bond was formed as well as a terrific blend of quickly became apparent that he was a perfect match for the group.

It wasn't long before a mutual decision was made and Jim became a member of "The Saints". Jim can't wait to put his finishing touches on "Lola & The Saints" latest CD. 

TONY TORRE: ...Tenor vocalist extraordinaire...his leads and harmonies provide a finishing touch to every tune. 

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tony started singing at a very early age, which led to his impressive vocal range.  In Brooklyn he performed with "The Charms" and "The Rhythm Express". In 1979 he moved to Long Island and performed with "Memories" "The Magic Moments" "The Dynamics" "The Satin Dukes" and "The Revisions".  He performed as lead singer and first tenor with "Randy and The Rainbows" (featuring Randy Safuto) from 1989 thru 1999.  Tony performed in all the major venues throughout the country including Atlantic City, Vegas, Madison Square Garden, Westbury Music Fair, and the Inaguration Ball for President Ronald Regan and the Summer Concert Series at the World Trade Center.  After retiring in 1999 he moved to Florida and joined "The Dukes of Harmony" where he met his good friend Jim McGreevey.  He later performed with "Doo Wop And Rhythm" and in 2006 he formed his own quartet "A Touch Of Class".  In 2008 he received a call from his buddy Jim asking if he would like to jam with "The Saints". Shortly after, he was asked if he would like to become a full time member. 

He is currently singing lead and back up vocals with "Lola &The Saints", a group considered to be one of the very best in Florida.   And the beat goes on.........

JERRY LONG: ... Mr. Bass Man...Our "Sixty Minute Man" ... holds together the bottom end with an effortless ease...all the while...with a smile...from ear to ear!!!

Born in Harlem, New York.  Like most young guys, during the late 50's, Jerry started singing acapella doowop on the streetcorners, the stoops and in the hallways of Harlem with his neighborhood friends.  By age 20, he had moved to the Bronx.  He joined the army in 1965, was married in 1966 and was sent to Viet Nam shortly thereafter.  In 1969, Jerry joined the New York City Housing Police Department. On one of his weekly visits to the 40th precinct, he encountered a group called "Street Blues" aka "The Doo-Wop Cops".  Sadly, Jerry left the group in 1990 when he retired & relocated to Ocala, Florida.  The remainder of Street Blues became the group now known as Milton Love and the Solitaires (Walking Along and The Angels Sang).  Fast forward to 2006, Jerry joins a group of guys from The Villages who had formed the acapella group, "Harmony". They did numerous engagements in and around The Villages, and then disbanded in the early fall of 2008. 

A short time later, Jerry was approached by Jim of "Lola & The Saints" to audition for bass singer of their group...he became a full member of the group a few weeks later... The rest is history.

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