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The One Man Band - Marc Dobson and Son


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Act Description

The One Man Band, Marc Dobson and Son’s, show is an extreme musical performance combined with comedy, covering songs for every age.

Marc and Cavin primarily perform at fairs and festivals across the USA and Canada as a "utility act".

They perform while freely strolling, on or in front of other events (grandstand, contests, community stage, etc.), and most commonly as a street show.

The One Man Band and Son, perform in 3 basic ways:

• Roving Show, which is freely strolling while performing. Cavin plays guitar, PVC pipe flute and/or drives the wagon if Marc’s wife is not available. During roving, a wagon driver is required.

• Street Show, is the most common and what a lot of roving shows turn into. Set in a large pedestrian area, street shows work better near food concessions and seating giving event another attraction location without the cost of  a stage and taking up space.

• Stage Show, on or in front of other events as the main show, pre-show or in-between. The sound wagon is powerful enough for most grand stand events, community stages, banquets and more with the ability to move out of the way quickly.


◦ Performance area has to be safe.

◦ Marc performs within 50 feet of Sound Wagon.

◦ Minimum 8 feet floor to ceiling and flat, level and hard performance areas. Smooth pavement or concrete preferred. Performance cannot be on a steep hill, bumpy area, wet areas or ground that sinks like sand.

Nightly storage:

◦ – for 27” W x 6’2” L x 6’ H Sound Wagon,
◦ – for 21″ W x 5′ L x 3’4″ H PVC Pipe Instrument
◦ – with one, 20 amp electrical circuit for recharging.

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