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Denys Dytyniuk - Speed Painter


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I present an original genre of performance for different events--Speed Painting show. I create shows with bright colors and amazing images that make viewers wonder, empathize and admire long after the event has ended !It takes 5 – 10 minutes for a king size drawing to be finished, which looks extremely impressive from the stage! MaDenart team operates internationally and people of many countries--the USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Russia, France, Italy, Nigeria, Kazakhstan are impressed with staginess of spectacular shows. We have performed for clients such as Porsche AG, TOYOTA, Kaspersky Lab, Mazda AG, PALMIERO Jewelry Design, “Nargis” Magazine, National Football League of Azerbaijan, The First National Channel of Germany, United Bank for Africa and many others.

Denys paints exclusive pieces of art on two or more large-size canvases. But viewers will see and realize a final picture in the last seconds! In the beginning, an artist will create different images close to the resulting picture. In the end of the performance canvases (two or more) are turned, reshuffled and aggregated. As a result, a new huge picture (9' x 9') appears! This is the uniqueness of the proposed show. Performances are designed individually for each event, and respectively, this show is nowhere else to be seen!

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