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Wonder 80's


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"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?", asked by Freddie Mercury, back in 1975.

Well, "This" is pure fantasy, in a show that moves us apart from real life, for unforgettable moments!

"This" is "Wonder 80's", a show that fuses dance, theatre and circus in a unique way with high visual impact, soundtracked by the hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's; along with dancers who bring us a funny, choreographed, "Superstitious"; a sustained acrobat will appear in a bristling moment, giving life to the amazing, "Stairway to Heaven” complete with audience interaction.

Several dance moments from the decades will be represented, including the moment when humanity understands the relevance of our action's impact on the future world, for today's kids: Soundtracked by Michael Jackson, the performers will recreate a highly intense and emotive dance, asking to the world "What about us?"

The show will tell the story of a teenage girl who found, one day, in her parent's dusty attic, a chest that belonged to teenagers from the '80's, full of bright clothes, records, accessories and other weird objects from an age the girl never heard about before. The girl will begin a journey through that ancient time (not that ancient really, but believe us, for her, it looked really ancient), finding magic, fantasy, emotion and entertainment in every new discovery.

"Wonder 80's" will have the duration of 25 minutes, on which the story of the girl will be told by a narrator, while dancers make magic happen!

It's amazing how wonderful can the 80's be for today's audience!

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