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Jonathon LaChance


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Jonathon's young charm and upbeat show is one of the most talked about comedy illusion shows in the Metro-Detroit. Within this 60 minute program, Jonathon will display amazing feats of magic that will leave everyone in the crowd wondering how he did it. From cutting a girl into three pieces and restoring her to even making himself disappear from the stage and then appearing high in the balcony in the back of the audience within seconds. As the show moves on, the audience will experience laughter as he displays his craft of magic in a comedic way that will have everyone in stitches.

Jonathon LaChance is one of the youngest magicians currently amazing audiences across the state of Michigan today. With his upbeat Comedy Illusion Show, Jonathon is credited to many accomplishments, from performing on the NBC Today Show, Headline Act During Magic In Lapeer, 2015 Curly Close-up classic winner and being a returning act to many resorts and events across the state for the past 6 years.

At the age of ten, his father showed him a card trick and at that moment Jonathon fell in love with the art of magic. His family soon found themselves watching mini-magic shows in the living room and taking weekend trips to visit the local magic store for more books to read and magic tricks.

Through grade school and high school Jonathon's career in magic took him to new heights. In-between homework and sports, Jon had offers around the state and soon found himself performing for Mackinaw Crossing / Island, Boyne Mountain Resort, Frankenmuth and many other events and fairs.

Jonathon still finds time to hit the books in-between shows and after graduating high school in 2014 from South Lyon High School. He began to attend school at Washtenaw Community College with future plans of transferring to Eastern Michigan University in Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement and a minor in Business and Marketing. 

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