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The Saint Twins - Twin Mind Readers


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This Is What Applause Looks Like On Paper!

"A smooth and confident speaker, Adrian's greatest talent seems to be his ability to persuade...audience leaves with a sense of wonder!"
-The Sacramento Bee

"Keen insight into human nature...mind bending brothers can get inside your head." 
-The Orange County Register

-Sepideh Danosian, Editor-in-Chief, OCPC/OC Life Magazine

"The two mysterious and delightfully entertaining twin brothers...the Saint Twins are truly the next big thing...their names in big lights in Vegas not too far in the future!"
-OCPC Magazine

"Adrian Saint's performance was amazing! This has become one of our most favorite, and talked-about events of the year. Everyone was blown away, and everyone left asking, "How'd he do that!?!" Adrian demonstrated a knack for connecting with participants and making his performance interactive with the audience. It was fun and a terrific event!
-Sean McGowan, University of California, Davis Student Housing Leadership Coordinator, Tercero Freshman Dorms

"Very Professional, Very Impressive, Dazzling! I'd recommend your show to other groups." -George A. Barden, CLU, ChFC New York Life Insurance Company, NYLIFE Securities Inc.


The world’s first & only twin thought readers, the Saint Twins (John & Adrian Saint) are definitely not your typical set of twins. They capture the imagination of their audiences with their energetic and unique presentation of mental abilities they call "TSP"(Twin Sensory Perception). Born in Iran in 1982, John and Adrian have always been fascinated with the human mind and how it creates reality and meaning. Being twins they grew up close to each other and sharing similar interests, they started to study and read numerous books in the areas of psychology, magic, influence, persuasion, hypnosis, linguistics, intuition, NLP, statistics, perceptual manipulation, theater, comedy, ESP, acting, and verbal / non-verbal communication to create the baffling skills they demonstrate on stage.

The Saint Twins' performance style is anything but conventional. They prefer to be called "Mentalist, Twin Sensory Perceptionist, or Thought Readers." Using no secret assistants or electronics, they work with random people and their minds to create mind-blowing and impossible demonstrations that leave people entertained and mystified. During their performance, John and Adrian communicate telepathically with each other, secret thoughts are revealed, objects are caused to move with the power of their minds and amazing predictions made before the event are revealed to be mysteriously accurate. In 2004 MTV filmed a documentary about their unique skills and their lives as twins. They were selected nationwide from over 1000 sets of twins. The show aired nationally and garnered rave reviews! While in college, Adrian caused a major stir in his community when he predicted the results of Super Bowl XL one week before the game was played and received numerous press and media attention. It caused such a stir on his campus that people accused him of having strange powers, but the only powers The Saint Twins claim are the powers of knowledge, twin intuition, and hard work.

The Saint Twins have been written up in numerous newspapers and magazines and have performed for top companies and universities such as MTV, Wells Fargo, UC Davis, Washington State University, Bank of the West, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, St. Regis Hotel, and many more. Adrian and John are devoted life time learners and college graduates. John holds a BA in Psychology from UC Riverside (which he received in 2.5 years) while Adrian has an MBA from Argosy University and a BA from UC Davis in Sociology - Organizational Studies & Communication.

When the Saint Twins are not performing they can be found doing the normal things that most people their age do, but they truly feel at home when they are entertaining. They are unique, young, fresh, and enjoy being a brother to brother mind reading team for their brand of mystery entertainment.

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