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Partinis - Interactive Martini/Champagne Glass Decorating


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Act Description

Give your guests a priceless keepsake that they design themselves!

Choose from Martini glasses, Champagne glasses or a combination of both. Have your party-goers decorate their glasses using hundreds of crafting supplies.

Guests will truly feel involved in the party, and appreciate this innovative approach to entertainment and gift giving.

Perfect for corporate functions, guest lounges, dinner receptions, weddings, holiday parties or any event with 50-500 guests.

About Us

Partinis (pronounced Par-tinis) was founded by Jessica Larmore, a UCF graduate with a degree in Marketing who has extensive experience in corporate party entertainment planning. She is a crafter and businesswoman at heart, and a former bartender, so putting together the concept of Partinis was seemingly natural. She is also a firm believer that people should non only be a guest at a party, they should be a part of the party! After seeing hundreds of corporate parties offering the same entertainment options and party favors, Jessica decided to turn it up a notch.  Now guests can take part in a fun icebreaker, get out of their seats and explore their creative side. Jessica’s attention to detail, and understanding that each party is unique ensures that each event will be executed without a hitch!

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