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The Fifth Wheel Marionettes


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“An Extraordinary Voyage” is a musical comedy marionette show for family public; both for adults and kids.

Designed as a ship voyage, the show is a combination of humor, music and dance from all over the world. It consists of numerous marionette acts as Arabs, Flamenco, Gypsies, Mexicans, Indians etc. It has no text and can be played both inside and on an open-air stage. The duration is 45 minutes with 2 actors. The performance is light, funny, with beautiful puppets, tough rhythm and very good style and taste.

With this performance, we have made almost a world tour. We took part in more than 80 international theatre festivals all around the globe. We made several music & puppet shows for entertainment parks in Europe, and we performed as headliners on cruise ships (Star Cruises; 2012 - 2013), where the show was favorably received by a very multinational public. 

Puppet performances are generally regarded as “just for kids” entertainment, but this has nothing to do with The Fifth Wheel. Kids love it, but whenever we perform, we guarantee to our adult public 45 minutes of laughter and thrills!

We can not judge whether it is our advantage or disadvantage, but we offer a different type of entertainment from what is classically performed as a show-business act, or as a theatre performance. Working with Star Cruises, we kept hearing this same sentence from our public: "We have never seen anything like that"! 

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