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The Outer Toons - Cartoon Band Show


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A family-friendly show for all ages!

Cartoon themes!



Since 2001, The Outer Toons have been working on a collection of cartoon themes, classical and totally original music for a dynamic new family-friendly show unlike the world has ever seen. Written and continually tested in front of tens of thousands of families from across the globe, the band’s wide range of talents continue to impress young and old alike again and again, year after year! What truly amazes the wide audience of the Outer Toons is the scope of the most entertaining, well-rehearsed and choreographed live band they have ever experienced. At every show, this versatile band performs all styles of music and on nearly every popular musical instrument imaginable. All of the uniquely skilled multi-instrumentalists in this extremely talented 8-piece band also sing and even dance. If that’s not enough, every member of the Outer Toons are also formally trained educators as well. The cast is a carefully selected group of talented professionals, who collectively have earned numerous degrees in music performance, composition, business and the technical arts. Despite being fun and silly, these 7 former band leaders and music educators are continuing to fight for music education in schools. The Outer Toons have performed for millions of people each year at Universal Studios Orlando and have used their fame to support many music education causes while providing quality entertainment for kids and families everywhere. The group has dedicated itself to entertaining, inspiring and educating children, families and all people of the world with quality music set in a family friendly, fun cartoon environment. Known as the world’s only cartoon band, The Outer Toons are storming the nation and rapidly developing a following among children and adults alike. The Live Cartoon is making an impression on audiences across the United States of America and across the globe.

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